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Moni Fernandopoulle

SVP Finance and Accounting,
Human Resources

Mr. Fernandopoulle is a Chartered Accountant of twenty-eight years standing, with over 35 year’s commercial experience in a range of diverse international business.

His main area of focus has been corporate finance and working capital management, addressing a variety of significant change and development scenarios. Operating both at the board and senior executive levels, he has significant expertise in addressing operational and financial issues, in businesses ranging from startups, to more mature cycle stages. Helped businesses to put in place effective processes and structures, to get them focused on cost effective operations, to strive for continuous improvement, to achieve revenue, earnings growth and customer retention, and to attract investors.

The business endeavours Moni Fernandopoulle has dealt with include financial services, logistics, security, property, technology, tourism, agrifood, energy, manufacturing, and consultancy services. Geographically, he has experience of operating in the Middle East, throughout Europe, Indian sub-continent, and Asia-Pacific.

Core areas of Moni’s expertise include strategic planning and implementation; business change, operational development and turn-around management; mergers and acquisitions project management; and financial management, encompassing capital raising, treasury, investor relations, and corporate governance.

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