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Michael Petrescu

Chief Technology Officer,
Energy & Infrastructure

As a seasoned technology executive, and having held roles with steadily increasing scope and responsibility, Mr. Petrescu has a track record of building and leading high-performance teams that drive transformation and elevate results.

His broad and thorough technical and management expertise supports large companies and change-makers in various markets and geographies, and drives cultural change by creating agile innovation programs. Most of his professional experience has been in the technical leadership of new product development. Particular expertise has been gained in the energy and infrastructure sectors, and the breadth of expertise allows complete turnkey control projects to be undertaken. The experience gained throughout the years allows Michael now to realise which product and technology can have a global impact and bring value to the stakeholders.

In his current role with the Company, he is constantly reinventing the way we think about human experience, new technology, and solving through design. From idea to execution, he is building consortia of multi-talented international specialists in all areas of innovation who think smart, and deliver significant results in a complex environment, including cultural diversity and high technological complexity.

Educated internationally in engineering and business management, Michael holds a Master’s of Science in Systems Engineering, BE in Robotics and Automation, and Diploma in Business Administration.

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