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Dr. Dragos Petrescu

Chief Executive Officer
and Chief Engineer

Award winning business and technology leader who have led and facilitated the conceptual process for some of the world’s largest and most innovative companies, which rely on bold, disruptive solutions to shape our future.

An entrepreneur at heart, and since very early in life, with vision for bridging cutting-edge science with practical engineering for delivering innovative technologies and strategic products to a range of industries. Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing, Semiconductors, Space and Defence, Robotics and Automation, Electric Vehicles and Battery Systems, Energy and Renewables, Process and Advanced Manufacturing, and Nuclear Technologies are all within technical capacity and commercial ability due to real-world project experience.

Founded Ainira Industries and Energy Transmission to advance and validate such bold technologies of the future. Dr. Petrescu is a leading expert in business growth and transformation – economic, social, and digital – secured through the development of authentic business models, and by establishing solid company structures, building corporate culture, and engaging people in passionate pursuit of goals to create future-proof organisations and deliver real tangible results.

Built from the ground up high performance teams, accomplished numerous successful product launches, secured market traction that accelerated growth in all revenue channels while delivering triple bottom-line impact, closed in excess of $850 million in financing and acquisition transactions, and achieved multiple successful exits.

Dragos holds a PhD in Aerospace Engineering, double Master’s in Artificial Intelligence and Nuclear Engineering, Honours BE in Automotive Engineering, BE in Nano and Opto-Electronics, and an MBA from The Wharton School.

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