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Cameron Smith

Chief Operating Officer,
Impact Programs

A trailblazer in operations management and a driving force behind impactful programs and community-oriented initiatives, Mr. Smith play a pivotal role in shaping the future of our Company. With a relentless dedication to making a difference, Cameron Smith leads our team in implementing innovative solutions to address pressing social and environmental challenges, thus building the infrastructure of tomorrow.

Through strategic planning and execution, Cameron ensures that our programs not only creates positive change, but also deliver measurable impact for communities and the planet. In his pursuit of creating resilient, eco-friendly solutions, he spearheads our efforts to accelerate the transition to clean energy solutions across major economy sectors including mining, transportation, port operations, and farming and agriculture.

Leveraging proprietary cutting-edge AI solutions, Cameron has developed ground-breaking products and services that transformed industries and enhanced human experiences. By continuing on this proven track record, and with a focus on ethical AI practices, environmental sustainability, and technology integration, he ensures that our advancements benefit society while maintaining integrity and responsibility in all endeavours.

Cameron holds a Bachelor of Laws and a Diploma in Applied Physics; he is an Emerging First Australian Leader.

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