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Argen Pojani

SVP Artificial Intelligence
and Electric Vehicles

With an innate love of deep-tech, Mr. Pojani’s passion has always been to complement and work with great minds to creatively find the best customer-oriented solutions. He understands how to create value through program cross-pollination, and has developed the background and skills to distinguish real technical capability from marketing hyperbole.

Having always been attracted to technology and innovation, and fascinated by how many different ways it can improve our lives, Argen is passionate about elegance in platform-agnostic design, always using the best tool for the job despite the learning curve. He focuses on removing barriers and reducing complexity in the design and product, ensuring that technology is both ergonomic and accessible to its users.

Mr. Pojani has worked on his own ventures, with all the pros and cons involved, while either studying or working part-time. His love for innovative products and creative applications is what has allowed him to become one of the prominent AI specialists, who bridges cutting-edge science with practical IT engineering.

Argen is completing a Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology, and is pursuing a Master’s of Science in Artificial Intelligence.

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