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Hyundai Engineering & Construction

Having developed over 850 global projects in 62 countries, they embody innovation and determination. From landmark buildings to nuclear power plants, Hyundai E&C leads in diverse sectors. Their commitment to sustainability and ESG principles sets them apart in the construction industry. Follow and join Hyundai E&C on their journey towards excellence and a sustainable future.

For more than 75 years, Hyundai Engineering & Construction has been a key player in Korea's remarkable growth story, successfully executing over 850 overseas projects in 62 countries. Their global presence showcases Korea's construction prowess on the international stage. Hyundai E&C stands as a pillar of the Hyundai Motor Group, in sync with affiliates in logistics, components, finance, and IT to drive innovation and diversification. Their commitment to expanding high value-added fields and targeting new businesses underscores a dauntless determination and confidence in achieving the unimaginable. Under the shared goal of 'Together for a Better Future,' Hyundai E&C is accelerating growth and fostering a culture of innovation and excellence.

Explore Hyundai E&C's total service offerings, evolving beyond conventional business scopes to meet the demands of a changing market landscape. As a total solution creator, Hyundai E&C combines project execution capabilities with the vast network of the Hyundai Motor Group to provide reliable solutions and cater to customer needs effectively. From infrastructure works to building, housing, and plant works, Hyundai E&C's diverse portfolio showcases their expertise in civil engineering, architecture, and plant engineering. Their foray into high value-added industries like LNG and GTL processes positions them as pioneers in future industries, emphasising green business areas and renewable energy expansion.

With a focus on overseas construction sites, Hyundai E&C's unrivaled capabilities shine through projects like the Jubail Industrial Port in Saudi Arabia, and the Third Bosphorus Bridge in Turkey. By diversifying their markets and embracing global construction challenges, Hyundai E&C is poised to become a leading global construction player. Hyundai E&C's management priorities underscore their commitment to ESG principles, emphasising environmental, social, and governance responsibilities. By prioritising safety, quality assurance, and sustainable value creation, Hyundai E&C aims to deepen trust with stakeholders and uphold their reputation as a leading company.

As Hyundai E&C continues its journey towards a sustainable world, their focus on customer value, open corporate culture, and global expertise positions them as a key player in the construction industry. With a vision to provide higher value and contribute to the welfare of humankind, Hyundai E&C invites unwavering support and encouragement on their path towards excellence.

Hyundai Engineering & Construction
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