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Romania, Craiova •
Regional Emergency Medical Centre

One of the four such healthcare building and construction contracts across this EU country. Double-level basement, six floors, and helipad terrace, for a total built area of 190,000m². Additional four car parks and outer amenities – medical-grade oxygen storage and supply, battery energy storage system, and medical waste incinerator.


With generous funding from the European Union and Romanian Government, Craiova's Emergency Medical Centre bestows a modern, yet functional architecture. Set for turn-key delivery in Q2 2027, the building and construction, as well as the equipment furnishing, are the result of continuous professional collaboration between a large number of local EU construction companies and contractors that share a unwavering commitment to work excellence.

Throughout the process, collaboration between healthcare professionals, architects, engineers, construction teams, and regulatory bodies is essential to ensure that these medical facilities meet the highest standards of patient care, safety, and efficiency given their critical role in healthcare delivery.

Besides health regulations, building codes, and accreditation standards, the architects and engineers design the hospital centre to answer the needs of dedicated areas like operating rooms, patient rooms, and diagnostic facilities. A particular attention is given to infection control, patient and visitor flow, accessibility compliance, as well as the requirements of specialised medical equipment, diagnostic tools, patient monitoring systems, and information technology for electronic health records.

Our Strategic Partner for the building and development of this megaproject, SsangYong Engineering & Construction, has a rich list of accomplishments in the healthcare sector and turn-key hospital projects.

SsangYong E&C - Hospital Projects
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