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Romania, Bucharest •
"The Bridge" – CBD Office Buildings

A set of three high-rise office developments, one of the five such building and construction contracts in the major cities in Southern Romania. Double-level basement and eleven floors, with a total renting area of 30,800m². The development of the building is in line with the EU's position on the environment protection, and incorporates renewable energy technologies that help mitigate carbon pollution.


Based on factors like accessibility, proximity to amenities, zoning regulations, infrastructure availability, market demand and potential for growth, EU developer consortium had selected this highly coveted site in central Bucharest, and secured funding through various sources.

Funded through equity investments and partnerships, the project has been executed by a JV between local and foreign construction companies, including Sanken Construction (Pvt) Ltd, our associate and construction partner. Ainira proprietary patented technology was amply used in the building and construction. The plans and designs from a renown Austrian architecture company, which considered factors like space utilisation, energy efficiency, and aesthetics, were submitted for regulatory approvals, including zoning permits, environmental impact assessments, and building permits.

Infrastructure Tech Patent Romania
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Delivered on time and within the budget, while adhering to quality standards and safety regulations, the edifice is now an integral part of the modern and vibrant Centre for Business Development that adorns Bucharest's city skyline. Ainira Industries is currently negotiating lease agreements with "The Bridge" leasing agents for the expansion of our headquarters in Central EU.

Sanken Construction Ltd - Company Profile
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